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MAR Acuatic Resort
Hernández del Águila 8 3I
30002 Murcia
TEL 968 171419
FAX 968 575629


Mar Aquatic Resort - Powerful wind at the Mar Menor

The Mar Menor is Europe’s largest salt-water lagoon. It is separated from the Mediterranean by a long thin strip of land. With its 170 square kilometers of warm shallow water it offers an unique way to enjoy the excitement of open sea sailing in combination with the security of a closed lagoon.

Along the 73 kilometers of its costal perimeter beaches of transparent shallow water will appear one after the other.

315 days of the year are sunny and you will find a microclimate which creates steady thermal winds at most days of the year.

It is the perfect location for our water sports center. It is the perfect place for your activities.


The average annual temperature is 17ºC, and the average for the months of June, July, August and September is above 21ºC. Winter is very mild, with the average temperature of the cold months not falling below 10ºC. Another point to emphasize is the scarce quality of rain, with less then 300 sq. l. per year.

The dryness of the area is obvious, above all because of its 320 days and 3000 hours of sunshine a year. These weather conditions allow us the privilege of savoring a climate of the Gods in the Mar Menor all year around.

The temperature of the water is closely tied to the atmospheric temperature, as corresponds to a relatively small mass of water for the scale on which the atmospheric process operates. This situation makes the thermal inertia of the lagoon less than of the Mediterranean. In the coldest months the temperature of the water is about 1ºC while in August it reaches 30ºC. In certain places near the shore, due to the shallow water the range can be from 8ºC to 36ºC in high summer. On the other hand the special distribution of the water is uniform, with differences between the areas of only 1-2ºC.

The saltiness of the water ranges from 42‰ and 47‰ compared with the 36-38‰ in the Mediterranean. During the year higher values can be found in September to October and minimum values in the period from January to May.

Wind statistics:




























The centre

The Holiday centre MAR located in the beautiful beach city of Los Narejos (Los Alcázares), which at the same time is located on the shore of one of the most beautiful places of the whole Spanish geography: the Mar Menor in Murcia. An interior sea where the realisation of nautical activities is carried out with the most security thanks to the short waves, shallow water, wide sandy beaches & a warm water.

Our residence compiles of:

  • 48 rooms with 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 beds
  • Sailing school including windsurfing, kitesurfing, & canoeing
  • Toilets with shower & hot water
  • Basketball & soccer courts
  • Balcony – eating room
  • Air conditioner
  • Resting & working halls
  • Workshop halls
  • Computer Rooms
  • TV
  • Mar is a centre of socio-sportive & cultural activities. Since 14 years it has focused as a work filed the development of free time activities dedicating in educative summer camps & since 3 years, we have opened our centre to cover all kind of activities throughout the whole year given the excellent climate conditions.
  • For Mar the living together of children and adults of all ages is with no doubt the best learning field. In our activities, we promote the college ship & we occupy ourselves that they develop in an excellent atmosphere under the professional supervision of our instructors.



    Any day of the year you may learn to sail with our modern fleet, instructed by our experts. You will learn sailing in theory as well as in practice.

    It starts with learning the parts of the boat, how rig the sail, and how to get off shore and back safely. You will learn about the different headings, how to tack, gibe, run, and how to sail upwind and all other important aspects of this exciting sport.


    Our courses and instructors will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for this exciting sport. For those who are already familiar with windsurfing, we offer coaching is specific maneuvers like water starting or carve gibing.

    If you want to use your own equipment you may use our storage facilities on the waterfront.

    The location is that good that is has hosted windsurfing championships at regional, national and even international level for several times.


    This adrenalin filled sport is gaining popularity at a tremendous rate. Our center at the Mar Menor offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing. On and off shore you will find the space needed to practice it.

    At our courses you may learn the techniques of steering the kite, getting on the water and on the board, doing body drags, and finally kitesurfing at its best.


    To get across the Mar Menor with a canoe is an adventure. Among others, you have the possibility to explore the islands Barón, Redondela, Ciervo, and Perdiguera. Beyond that you may visit the natural park Las Salinas or cross any of the natural passes between Mar Menor and the Mediterranean.